To order our 72pg Hi-Art® Ceiling Catalog and or our 85pg ornamental K Catalog CALL TODAY at (800)641-4038 or follow the links below to visit one of our online product galleries. For a printed catalog, please send $3 to P.O. Box 323 Nevada, MO 64772 for shipping costs.

Ornamental Products

Browse our ornamental K Catalog featuring a comprehensive line of exterior sheet metal ornaments originally produced by the Miller & Doing Co. founded in Brooklyn, NY in 1892. Over 1300 catalog items are available in zinc, copper, or brass including: Balusters, Brackets, Capitals, Conductor Heads, Crestings, Crockets, Drops, Eagles, Finials, Gargoyles, Garlands, Leaves, Lion Heads, Mitres, Moldings, Panel Ornaments, Pinnacles, Roosters, Rosettes, Scrolls, Shells, Shields, Urns & Wreaths. {View Catalog}

Ceiling Cornices

A Cornice may be used with field panels to complete a ceiling design, or by itself as a cove molding. Our cornices are 48″ long and come in a variety of historic patterns. For products and details on projection (ceiling dimension) and Depth (wall dimension)... {See Gallery}

Ceiling Moldings

Moldings are often used between the field and the filler. Our moldings are 48″ long and come in a variety of historic patterns. For products and details... {See Gallery}

Ceiling Centers

Centers are often used to accent a fan or a light fixture. In addition to the examples shown in this gallery, other centers can be created by combining different panels and moldings. For products... {See Gallery}

Decorative Metal Shingles

Our original 1908 line of W. F. Norman Victorian Roof Shingles are still available with a variety of hip and ridge finishes made of galvanized steel or solid copper. For a summary of these products... {See Gallery}

Tin Ceiling Panels

Our Hi-Art® product line contains 140 ceiling patterns. Panels are produced in zinc, copper, and brass and feature designs from many eras such as: Victorian, Colonial, Gothic, and Art Deco. Ceilings typically come in 2x4 sheets or drop-in panels and may be used on ceilings or walls. Call to order our ceiling catalog or view products and details right here in the gallery... {See Gallery}

Custom Tin Ceiling Panels

While most original manufacturers of tin ceilings no longer exist, our pattern and die-making process allows us to reproduce any panel from an existing piece. Call today for a price quotations on reproductions. For examples of previously replicated designs... {See Gallery}

Ceiling Designs

To see how ceilings are matched with cornices and moldings, this gallery allows you to see some examples of traditional combinations. Any field, molding, filler or cornice can be substituted or eliminated from a given design. Many rooms are designed from scratch, using components chosen by the customer, mixed and matched to best fit the room’s size, shape and height... {See Gallery}

Exterior Siding

We offer exterior siding panels in galvanized steel or solid copper. Siding comes in various styles including: Brick, Stone and Shingle. For more products and details... {See Gallery}

Spinning/Metal Balls

We spin hollow metal balls from sheets of zinc or aluminum in sizes from 1” to 16” in diameter. We also make copper, brass or gold leaf in sizes from 1” to 24” in diameter. {See Products}

Norman Grave Markers

All grave markers are enamel baked galvanized steel which ensures long lasting, rust resistant use. Acrylic panes, polyethylene envelopes and Bristol cards are included. Markers are packed 25 to a box with your choice of colors: Gray, Green, or Black... {See Products}