We have about 140 of our 2’ x 2’ Panels No. 2710 that were exposed to humid conditions and have developed a very small amount of surface rust, mostly near the edges of the panels.

As Factory Firsts, these panels cost $25.00 per 2' x 2' panel, plus shipping. We are offering these for $9.50 per 2’ x 2’ panel, again plus shipping.

These photos show the worst of it. These were all Factory Firsts that were in a stack where the exposed edges just got damp. By using a rust-inhibiting metal primer like Rustoleum or others from paint manufacturers, then top coated, they would look just like Factory Firsts. 95% of our customers prime and paint their tin ceilings using the exact same methods of primers and paints that you would use on these panels. So they are a terrific value at this price.

Note that Panel No. 2710 is one of the ones we make that cannot be installed directly to a flat surface. You cannot nail these right onto a plywood ceiling. Rather, these are some of our coffered/recessed panels that have to be installed to a grid of lumberyard 2 x 2 furring strips laid out at 2 feet on centers in both directions of the ceiling. These coffered panels make for a very beautiful and dramatic ceiling.

There is no minimum number purchase required, so buy as few or as many as you want. If you are interested {click here to contact us} to see how many we have left at any given time.