Restoration Made Easy

Do you have a project that needs restoration of original stamped metal pieces? Never fear! There are some companies in the world where the parts are never obsolete, and in fact, still in production. WE are one of those companies. Here's a great example of a project that couldn't have gone better with the award-winning design of Christine G. H. Franck who was able to find a match for this historic building's original cresting. This was posted by Christine G. H. Franck, April 2013
Photo by: Stan Honda

Photo by: Stan Honda, Carnegie Hill News Spring 2013, Vol. 34, No. 1.

Christine G. H. Franck’s Design for Shopfront Renovation Wins Carnegie Hill Neighbors 2013 Enrichment Award

"Among the greatest challenges was to find manufacturers and suppliers who could produce metal components similar to the original elements. After exhaustive research and consulting Traditional Building’s product and supplier database (with a hint from Clem Labine), the original supplier of the cresting was found. Even more remarkable was that they, W. F. Norman, were still producing the same metal stamped cresting." {Read More...}