Finishing Your Ceiling

Metal Finish

Our Recommendations

We recommend that you finish your ceiling after it has been installed. It can be finished before installation, but special care must be taken not to chip or scratch the finish during installation, and some touch-up may be necessary. The panels come from the factory ready for finishing. They are made of tin-plated steel that will rust if exposed to moisture, so be careful to keep the panels dry. After installation, wipe the surface completely with a cloth and lacquer thinner to remove dust and finger prints. For a natural bright metal finish, simply coat the panels with polyurethane varnish (oil-based, NOT water-based) that dries clear. We recommend satin finish, but you may choose semi-gloss or high-gloss.
Painted Finish

Painting Your Ceilings

The panels may be painted any color, light or dark. Use only oil-based (NOT water-based) paint or primer. While you do not need to prime the panels before you paint, it is a good idea to use a rust-inhibiting primer in any room with high humidity, such as a bathroom. You may choose the finish you like, flat, satin, semi-gloss, or high-gloss. For exterior use or in damp interior rooms, like a bathroom, we can make any item using galvanized steel. This metal offers more resistance to corrosion than tin-plate. Follow your paint supplier’s recommendations for preparing, priming and top coating. Everything we make is also available in copper or brass. We can leave the panels unfinished (they will tarnish), or we can polish and lacquer them for you.