Danes Hall Renovation – Waupaca, WI

To the W.F. Norman Corporation,

I have attached a brief note for you and your team regarding my project in Waupaca, WI. I just wanted to let you know the impact of your product on this building. Although it was a small order, your product had a HUGE impact on Danes Hall and Waupaca's Main Street. Thanks for what you and your team are doing to re-awaking and preserve America's heritage buildings.

Best regards,

Mike Koehler
Owner, Danes Hall Waupaca

On the corner of Main and Granite Street in Waupaca, WI (Population 6,069), stands Danes Hall. Built in 1894, Danes Hall represents the heritage of the Danish immigrants who were the backbone of Waupaca’s origins. Commissioned by the Danes Home Society, Danes Hall was the city’s primary meeting hall, hosting not only the Danish immigrants’ events, but also High School graduations, political rallies, and historic city celebrations.

In the 1940’s, as the original Danes assimilated into the American fabric, the Danes Home Society dwindled away and the building was sold. It had seen many uses since then including a sheet metal shop and an antique mall. While the building was kept operational, the condition of the building suffered from neglect and age. The brickwork and mortar were being damaged by the elements and the original metal roof, galvanized steel siding, and metal trim were showing rust and decay. When originally installed, the metal roof and siding were sold to last 100 years! Well, its well over 100 years and the siding was certainly beginning to show its age.

In 2016, I took on the challenge to restore Waupaca’s hallmark building. Although I have no background in this type of work, I made it a mission to save this history. As we launched the work, we quickly came to the issues of the corner turret. The turret was constructed of wood with metal siding. The siding had several coats of paint, but the underlying metal was seriously rusting. As we searched for a solution, we discovered the W.F. Norman Corp. Not only did they make a product that would fit our building, but they made it to the historic standards, using the same historic methods as were used when the building was first constructed 123 years ago.

It wasn’t a big order for W.F. Norman, but you delivered a product that had a HUGE impact on the project. I wanted to send you some pictures to demonstrate to you and your team the importance of your work at W.F. Norman. You are not only making a quality product, but you are re-awakinging the sleeping history of small towns like Waupaca. The excitement Waupaca has for this project is bringing a renewed pride in their Main Street.

Fig. 1 - Danes Hall before the restoration.

Fig. 2a - The corner turret is a key design feature of the building (BEFORE).

Fig. 2b - The siding from W.F. Norman restored the turret to its original beauty (AFTER).

The wood framed turret was constructed with galvanized metal siding. 123 years later, the siding had serious rust and decay:

Fig. 3a

Fig. 3b

Fig. 3c

Fig. 3d

Fig. 4 - Restored to its original beauty, once again making Danes Hall the gem of Main Street Waupaca, WI.